Executive Team

Shane Liquornik

Simon Townsend


Shane Liquornik

"The Conflict Analytics Lab is a distinct opportunity to enhance traditional legal skills, and also gain hands-on experience in the legal industry of tomorrow."

- Shane Liquornik, Executive Team



"The Conflict Analytics Lab provides students with a unique immersion to the field of legal tech. There is an abundance of current projects to work on and absolute freedom in the Lab to conceive of new projects. Professor Dahan facilitates creativity by giving students autonomy and resources to pursue their own interests in legal tech."

- Brandon Loehle, Project Leader, Independent Contractor vs. Employee Group



"As someone previously uninitiated into the legal tech field, the Queen's Conflict Analytics Lab has given me an incredible opportunity to develop traditional legal skills while exploring and developing AI based solutions to real world legal problems."

- Max Saunders, Project Leader, Independent Contractor vs. Employee Group

Independent Contractor vs. Employee Group

Brandon Loehle (Project Leader)

Max Saunders (Project Leader)

Mackenzie Anderson

David Liang


Insurance Dispute Resolution Group

Egi Troka (Project Lead)

Jake Vogl (Project Lead)

Simon Townsend

Domenica Moran

Zach Berg

Reasonable Notice Group

Shane Liquornik

Brandon Loehle

Kristen Robertson

Dillon Harhangi

Maddy Sequeira

Amita Persad-Ford