The Lab’s ongoing research and knowledge creation will enhance the curricula of academic and executive education programs offered at Queen’s University.

Degree Programs

Legal Tech Clinic - hands-on practical experience in project management, legal research, and AI. Read More. 

1L Certificate Program in Legal Analytics – Full year. Read More. 

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence – Twelve-month program in Toronto Queen’s Smith. Read more.

Master of Management Analytics –Twelve-month program in Toronto Queen’s Smith. Read more.

Executive Education

Strategic Legal Analytics – Training and advising management, corporate counsel and human resources professionals with the skills and strategies necessary to meet the unique challenges of leading their organizations. 

Negotiation – Examining core decision-making challenges, analyzing complex negotiation scenarios, and providing a range of cooperative and competitive negotiation strategies. 

Dispute Resolution – Providing workshops for lawyers and others seeking comprehensive education in negotiation and mediation. 

Custom Analytics Programs – Offering in-company programs tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Strategic Analytics Program – Two-day certificate program in Toronto. 

Resilience – Examining issues of organizational and personal transformation. From navigating burnout to learning to thrive, our session examines how individuals and communities are rebuilding better. 

Ethics of AI – Introducing what artificial intelligence (AI) is and reviewing the resulting ethical implications of the technology. 

Cybersecurity – Providing practical insights into a framework that has emerged as the standard that will help organizations face off against cyber threat actors.  

International Tax – Exploring how corporate executives, management, professionals, and lawyers should adapt to impacts on the profitability of international business from increased risk and compliance costs due to new international tax regulations. 

Blockchain – Familiarizing participants with the fundamentals of blockchain and some of the current and most popular applications.