We do analytics research applied to dispute resolution and negotiation. We have assembled a team of researchers from Management Sciences, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics and Computing Science.


Competition Analytics

A data analytics platform for lawyers, corporate counsels and regulators aimed at facilitating cartel screening and enhancing the judicial decisions predictability (EU and US).

Customer Disputes

Using Natural Language Processing technology to build a database on customer disputes (claims, complaints, and past solved disputes) and develop predictive models and data-driven dispute resolution tools for the banking and hospitality sectors.

Employment Disputes

Analytics-based dispute resolution platform aimed at facilitating negotiation and dispute settlements between employer and employee (calculation of reasonable notice, wrongful dismissal compensation, reskilling programs). 

AI-Powered Tribunal for Small Claims

A four-step (pre-trial analytics-negotiation-mediation-adjudication) Online Dispute Resolution platform coupled with an analytics system at the outset of the process aimed at providing a degree of legal help as well as assisted negotiation support for self-represented litigants. View presentation

Trademark Law

Using pattern recognition to assess the likelihood of confusion between brands.

ODR Analytics

Application of text analytics to ODR can improve efficiency, explore the chances of winning a case, but also to reveal trends and patterns in past negotiations or mediations that inform judicial strategies. Specifically, a series of potential “algorithm-mediated” solutions can be offered to the parties as an alternative to protracted and expensive arbitration or litigation.

Settlement Analytics

Data mining settlement and mediation agreements (employment and consumer disputes). Reveal trends in settlement agreements.