We do analytics research applied to dispute resolution and negotiation. We have assembled a team of researchers from Management Sciences, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics and Computing Science. For more detail about the practical applications of this research see our latest paper.


Customer Disputes Analytics 

Optimization of customer dispute resolution through with predictive analytics in the banking, airline, telecommunication and hotel industries. See paper on how Customer Dispute Analytics can be applied in the industry by M. Cohen, S. Dahan and C. Rule’.

WorkersRights - Open access Legal Help Tool 

Open-access analytics platform aimed at helping self-represented litigants to access legal help. Our first platform helps employees and employers to determine termination damages and employment entitlements (launch June 2020). See paper Machine Learning and Reasonable Notice Determination by S. Dahan and J. Touboul in McGill Law Journal.

AI-Powered Online Tribunal System

A four-step (pre-trial analytics-negotiation-mediation-adjudication) Online Dispute Resolution platform coupled with an analytics system at the outset of the process aimed at providing a degree of legal help as well as assisted negotiation support for self-represented litigants. View presentation

Trademark Analytics

Using pattern recognition to assess the likelihood of confusion between brands. See our last presentation at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain. 

Settlement Analytics

Data mining settlement and mediation agreements (employment and consumer disputes). Reveal trends in settlement agreements. 

Personal Injury Analytics

Using data modelling to help individuals to retrieve personal injury cases and calculate personal injury damages.