Robot RulesA new book by Conflict Analytics project member Jacob Turner is delving into some of the key issues surrounding AI. Published by Palgrave, Robot Rules argues that AI’s ability to make independent decisions makes it unique – and unpredictable.  “In Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence, I explore what makes AI unique, what legal and ethical problems this will cause, and how we can solve them,” Turner says.

Turner lays out three issues: the responsibility for harm caused by AI, the rights surrounding ‘legal personality’ for AI, and the ethics behind an AI decision-making process. Robot Rules suggests that in order to address these questions we need to develop new institutions and regulations on a cross-industry and international level. “We should not begin by drafting a new code, but rather by building institutions capable of researching, writing and enforcing rules for AI. Right now, we have a great opportunity to put in place international AI governance,” he says.

“My book is a guide to how this can be achieved.”

Robot Rules is available from Palgrave Macmillan.